Terms and Conditions

The website NIE Valencia was created and is operated by the company GET YOUR NIE S.L., whose registered office is at Calle Padilla 318 entlo. 8a, 08025 Barcelona, Spain. Tax number B72858897.  NIE Valencia reserves the exclusive right to update, modify or delete any website content, as well as the terms and conditions. NIE Valencia may exercise such rights at any moment without prior notice.  NIE Valencia shall be exempt from any liability deriving from possible errors in the content that may appear on the website.

The content and structure of the NIE Valencia website is protected by copyright. Duplication of information or data, especially use of texts or graphics, is only possible with the prior written consent.

By accessing the information online, submitting application form or accepting the service by e-mail, phone or any other mean, the client agrees with processing of her/his personal data and accepts the terms and conditions of the service. Read more about our privacy policy here.

Personal data is obtained in order to provide the client with our services, especially for reservation of the appointment in the relevant offices. Personal data may include information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, nationality, passport number and any other relevant information necessary for the services provided.

Your personal data will not be provided to any third party without your previous consent.

This does not include website hosting partners and other parties (under confidentiality agreement) who assist us in operating our website and conducting our business.

We agree that we will not sell, rent, or trade your email address to any third-party without your permission.

When the website NIE Valencia, there are certain computer information automatically collect by the interaction of the mobile phone or web browser with NIE Valencia website (Cookies). Such information is typically considered a non personal information.

NIE Valencia is a consultancy company providing information and guidance. All information (including agreements, forms and documents) available on our website and provided during the service, are provided without any warranty or implication as to their legal effect and completeness.

The information is modified to meet client´s individual needs and should be used as a guide to achieve the desired goal (such as obtaining NIE, residence card, social security number, …).

In providing consultancy services, NIE Valencia uses its best efforts to achieve the result desired by the client. As a rule, NIE Valencia cannot guarantee that the desired result will be achieved and cannot be held responsible for any costs that can arise to the client before, during or after the process regardless if the goal has been met or not.

NIE Valencia cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete and correct, nor can be held responsible for any errors, interruptions, non-delivery of information or additional expenses as a result of these actions.

The client shall cooperate with NIE Valencia in carrying out the instructions and provide NIE Valencia with accurate and complete information and documents, as well as additional explanations at the request and where relevant. If the client fails to provide the data or other information necessary for provision of services, NIE Valencia may deny providing further services.

If the goal is not achived (getting NIE, social security number, residence card, …) due to an error caused by the client (missing the appointment, wrong or missing documents, etc.), there is an extra charge for accompanying the client to the next available appointment that varies by each case and service.

Once the appointment is scheduled and needs to be changed upon request of the client, additional fees may apply.

The contents of communication between NIE Valencia and the client by email (including any attachments) are intended solely for the addressee(s), may contain confidential and/or privileged information and may be legally protected from disclosure.

By using our service, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please notify us by e-mail.