NIE Application

The application can differ from area to area and also depends on your nationality. The NIE Application procedure explained here applies for getting your NIE in Valencia city for applicants from the European Union.

The office you need to go to is at Carrer de Bailen, 9, Valencia. Their hours are, generally, Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 14:00.

If you live outside of Valencia city, here is a list of the places in province of Valenciana where you can get your NIE arranged.

How to apply for the NIE in Valencia?

You can go to the immigration office to inform yourself before starting the process, but be prepared: the only information you will get is that you need “cita previa” which means you have to go home and schedule an appointment on the internet. Read more about how to schedule cita previa and that NIE Valencia can help you with it.

More difficult than scheduling the appointment is understanding what documents you need to take with you in order to complete the application process. Here is where many people begin to lose hope that they will ever get their NIE. After a few of visits to the same office and STILL not having the right combination of papers/signatures/stamps/bank slips/photocopies….

There are two types of NIE you can apply for – the NIE card and the NIE number – the two types are described here.

NIE Application

If you wish, NIE Valencia can guide you through the process and accompany you to the foreign police, providing all necessary translation.