Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a NIE to work in Spain?

YES, a potential employer should ask for both your NIE and social security number before offering you a contract. You can try finding work without a NIE, but most companies prefer hiring those who have already gone through the process.

Do I need photos for the NIE application?

DEPENDS, if you are from EU you don´t need photos for the NIE application in Valencia. If you are from NON-EU country you will need photos for the fingerprinting appointment (expedicion de tarjeta de identidad).

Do I need a CITA PREVIA in Valencia to get a NIE?

YES, to process your NIE in Valencia, you need to register for an appointment here: The page and instructions are only available in Spanish; the waiting time depends on the number of applicants and is currently around 2 weeks. If you live outside of Valencia (for example in Badalona, Hospitalet or Terrassa),  no prior appointment is necessary.

Can I get a NIE without a job contract?

YES, there are other ways to obtain a NIE besides showing a job contract.
These are the following alternatives:

  • to be a student with valid European health card or private health insurance
  • to have a family member living in Spain (with a NIE or Spanish ID)
  • to prove that you have enough funds to live in Spain as well as private health insurance
  • to be self-employed (autonomo)

Can NIE Valencia help me find work/a job contract?

NO, NIE Valencia is happy to advise you about the documents you need to present to the foreign police, supply you with the forms that you and/or your employer need to fill out in order to obtain your NIE, and help you with the necessary paperwork, but we cannot assist you in finding work or a job contract.

Is empadronamiento necessary for getting a NIE in Valencia?

DEPENDS, if it is for the EU citizens directly in Valencia office (rambla Guipuscoa 74), empadronamiento is not required to obtain a NIE. But be aware that this varies city to city and office to office (for example, in Hospitalet de Llobregat you will be asked for empadronamiento and photos). For the NON-EU applying the fist time for their TIE card, empadronamiento is required.