Non lucrative visa

What are the conditions to be assigned the Non-lucrative visa:

  • to have NON-EU nationality
  • no criminal record in Spain or in country of previous residence
  • not to be illegally in Spain
  • not to have prohibited the entry to spain
  • show sufficient funds (approx. 2130€/month)
  • to have health insurance contracted with company that is autorized to operete in Spain
  • Not suffer from any diseases that may have serious public health implications

What are the general requirements for the application of the non-lucrative visa (when you apply in the consulate that coresponds to your home address the requieremts might vary):

  • passport valid at least 1 year
  • criminal record (for last 5 years)
  • show enough funds to maintain yourself in Spain
  • health insurance
  • medical certificate

all documents should be legalized and translated to Spanish (or Catalan).

Once you have your Non- Lucrative visa and you are finally in Barcelona, what are the next steps? Here is were we can fully help you and guide you threw the last piece of the immigration puzzle.

Within one month of your arrival to Barcelona you should apply for your TIE card (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero), which will be valid for one year.

So what you need to do is:

  1. Get an appointment in the immigration office on this  website:
  2. The day of the appointment present the required documents and give your fingerprints
  3. Pay the tax 15,45€
  4. Pick up your TIE card after one month from the application
NIE Barcelona can schedule the CITA PREVIA for you even for the next days! (for EU citizens)